Broccoli soup

Written by: 7aumsuvai

Broccoli is high in vitamin C, as well as dietary fiber; it also contains multiple nutrients with potent anti-cancer properties. Broccoli can provide you with some special cholesterol-lowering benefits if you steam cook it. Broccoli soup is a simple soup but its very healthy and delicious.

Broccoli soup


      • 10 nos  – Broccoli florets
      • 10 pieces – Carrot (cut into circles)
      • 6 to 8 nos – Sambar onion (small onion)
      • 2 or 3 nos – Garlic (chopped)
      • 1/4 tsp – Whole peppercorns
      • Salt and pepper powder as needed
      • 1 tbsp – Corn flour (dilute in 2 tbsp of water)
      • 3 cups - Water
      • 1 tsp – Olive oil

Broccoli soup process

Broccoli soup

Preparation method:

  1. Heat oil in a pan, season with whole peppercorns. Add garlic and onion along with required salt saute until slightly golden brown.
  2. Now add carrot and fry for few seconds followed by broccoli saute until 1/2 done. Then add 3 cups of water and bring it to boil.
  3. Finally add corn flour diluted in water and cook until soup gets thick enough. Add salt and pepper powder as needed and serve hot with bread toast.

Broccoli soup


  • I used sambar onion but you can replace with regular onion.


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