Poori and Potato masala with video

Written by: 7aumsuvai
Poori is one of the favorite tiffin items in my family and i guess it is true with every indian family. It is one of the easy to make recipes but most people complain about too much oil considering health issues and that is the reason I have added some tips in this recipe to avoid excess oil .

      • 2 cups –Wheat flour
      • 1 tbsp – Rava
      • 1 tsp – Maida
      • 1 pinch – Sugar
      • 1 cup – Warm water ( as needed)
      • 1 tsp –Salt ( as needed)
      • Oil – As needed for deep frying
Preparation method:
  1. In a bowl add wheat flour, rava, maida, salt and sugar, mix it well. Add water little by little to form a dough and dough consistency should be little harder than chapatti otherwise poori will absorb lot of oil.
  2. Don’t wait immediately make poori’s. Take a lemon size ball and roll it out with rolling pins making sure the thickness is even. Don’t make it very thin like we do for chapatis, it should a bit thicker.
  3. Heat oil in a kadai drop pooris one after another. Press gently with your spatula in the middle; continue pressing until the poori puffs up on all sides. Turn the other side, once it turns golden brown, take and drain.
P.S: Reason for adding sugar to the wheat flour is it will make poori stay fluffy for a while and also adding rava keeps poori very crispy.
Potato masala/Poori masala:
Best side dish for poori is urulai kizhangu masala and channa/chole masala. Here comes the recipe for Poori masala.
Potato masala

      • 3 no- Medium sized potato
      • 1 no – Onion (finely chopped)
      • 2 no – Green chilly (slit open)
      • 1 tsp – ginger (finely chopped)
      • ¼ tsp – Turmeric powder
      • 1 tbsp – Chopped Coriander leaves
      • Salt as needed
      • 1 tsp – Mustard seeds
      • 1 tsp – Cumin seeds(Seeragam)
      • 1 tbsp – Channa dhal (kadalai paruppu)
      • 1 pinch – Asafoetida(hing)
      • 5 no –curry leaves
      • 1 tbsp – Oil
Preparation Method:
  1. Pressure cook potatoes with water until soft. Cool it, peel off the skin and smash it up. Keep aside.
  2. Heat oil in a pan, add mustard seeds, jeera and channa dal allow it to crackle then add curry leaves and asafetida. Then add onion saute till onions turn slightly brown and add ginger &green chilies fry for a minute.
  3. Now add the smashed potatoes, turmeric powder and mix well. Add required salt and little water, give a quick stir and bring it to boil.
  4. Allow it to cook until water is fully absorbed and forms a semi thick consistency. It should not be very dry or watery.
  5. Finally sprinkle coriander leaves and serve alongside poori.
    Poori and Potato masala
P.S:Same masala can also be used for stuffing masala dosai.


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