Firmoo – Product review

Written by: 7aumsuvai

Who is Firmoo?

Firmoo ( is an online optical store where you can purchase regular prescription glasses as well as prescription sunglasses, specialty eyewear like reading glasses, computer glasses etc.You can select glasses by shades, by material, by frames and by size.

Recently I have been contacted by an online representative from Firmoo for a review on their product. Since mine is a food bIog I was little hesitant to do so but few days later I thought of accepting this to see the design and quality. As me and my husband both wear prescription glasses we know how expensive these glasses are in North America.

As promised in the email they have sent me a free pair of sun glasses within a week after i confirmed the model number through their order form. The package was packed nicely and received in perfect condition.

front view

Package contents:

Glasses were placed in a plastic case, a spare pouch, a spare nose pad pair, frame screws, a handy self-service tool kit and a microfiber cloth.

package contents


They have lot more designs for all genders and age groups. Also they have different shades of frames and a range of glasses.The design which I received was very good and I liked a lot.

Glass case


The quality of the glasses are as good as we get from any optical store. The frame design was really good and it fits perfectly. I liked the nose pad as most of the frames leave mark on your nose but this one was perfect. The frame was designed with a soft material which fits comfortably around your ears.

Collage_all view

How much it cost?

Price range is very much affordable. You can visit their site for more detail. In my opinion the glasses which are being sold by firmoo is 4 to 5 times cheaper than glasses sold and serviced by any renowned Optical stores here in Canada and USA.

back view

How to choose?

You may have question on how to choose right frame for your face size and shape. To make the best selection they have an online tool called virtual Try-on through which you can upload your own photo and see which model suits to your face.


Offer from Firmoo:

Free pair of Glasses offered for first time buyers from their online store. Visit here to know more detail on this.

complet view


The quality of the product is good, affordable price, more varieties and design to choose from. When it comes to cons part I couldn’t think of anything major other than missing frame adjustment service as an online store. Hope they may come out with some kind of innovative idea in the future for this service.

******  Please note that this is not a paid review and views expressed here are completely of my own. *****


  1. I got Firmoo glasses too but I chose an eyeglasses pair! Love your sunnies!!! *.*

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