Homemade coriander powder

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Coriander powder is also called as malli thool  or kottamalli thool in Tamil and dhania powder in Hindi. According to Ayurveda, coriander powder is good for digestion and it also increases appetite. It helps in purifying the blood and curing inflammation, fever and as well as various allergies.

Home made spice powders have a longer shelf life. I prepared home made coriander powder for the very first time and now I realized that home made powder is more flavorful than store bought one. It is very simple to prepare and takes very less time too. You can prepare coriander powder in two ways either sun dry method or roasting method. I prefer roasting method because of its nice aroma.

Coriander powder


      • 1/2 kg – Coriander seeds (as needed)

Coriander powder process

Coriander powder process collage

Preparation method:

  1. Clean coriander seeds if there are any stones or dust in it.
  2. Heat a pan, dry roast coriander seeds until they are slightly golden brown in color, crispy and nice aroma comes. Remove from stove and allow them to cool completely before grinding.
  3. Grind them in a mixer grinder to a fine powder. Allow them to cool little bit and store them in a airtight container. Homemade coriander powder is ready.

Coriander powder


  • Quality of coriander seed is very important for quality coriander powder and also it should be clean without any stones and dust.
  • You can also prepare coriander powder with sun dried method: Sun dry coriander seeds in a large plate for 1 to 2 days and grind them to a fine powder.
  • For sun dried coriander seeds, there is no need for cooling time, you can immediately grind them.
  • Do not over burn the coriander seeds while roasting otherwise coriander powder will tastes very bitter.
  • Store them in airtight container for longer shelf life.

Coriander powder


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