Moong dal kheer mix

Written by: 7aumsuvai

Today's recipe is on how to make a tasty kheer in no time. Yes you can make this kheer mix ahead and use it when needed. You can impress your guests with this yummy kheer.

Moong dal kheer mix


      • 1 cup - Split green gram / moong dal / paasi paruppu
      • 10 nos - Almonds / badham
      • 10 nos - Cashew nuts
      • 2 nos - Cardamom / elachi

Moong dal kheer mix process

Preparation method:

  1. Heat a pan, dry roast split green gram / moong dal, almonds, cashew nuts each separately until they are slightly golden brown in color and nice aroma comes. Allow them to cool completely
  2. Transfer roasted almonds and cashew nuts to a mixer grinder and grind them to a coarse powder. Then add roasted moong dal along with cardamom, grind everything together to a fine powder.
  3. Moong dal kheer mix is ready, store them in an air tight container and refrigerate for future use.

Moong dal kheer mix


  • Do not over roast split green gram / moong dal, almonds and cashew nuts, otherwise kheer will taste bitter and also burnt smell will come.
  • You can keep this kheer mix outside for few days, but i prefer to keep it in refrigerator. It will also stay fresh for months.

Moong dal kheer mix


  1. very useful post dear.. Thanks for sharing .

  2. lovely post,makes instant kheer ..yummmy !!!

  3. Homemade Handy mix is grt idea

  4. Very helpful for sudden guest, fantastic readymade mix.

  5. nice post.. I never know kheer can be done from powder.. love the clicks too

  6. I usually see almost all your recipes, I feel its awesome and simple

  7. how much sugar? No mention of it.

    1. I did not use any sugar in this recipe..because you may add required sugar when you actually make kheer...


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