Gooseberry juice / Amla juice (salt version)

Written by: 7aumsuvai

Gooseberry is called as Nellikai in Tamil and Amla in Hindi. Gooseberry is very rich in Vitamin C. It contains many minerals and vitamins like Calcium, Phosphorus, Iron, Carotene and Vitamin B Complex. I have already posted sweet gooseberry juice prepared with jaggery and now i am posting gooseberry juice which is salt and sour in taste.

Gooseberry juice


Serves 4 to 5 people

      • 3 nos - Gooseberry/ amla/ nellikai
      • 1/4 inch - Ginger
      • 4 or 5 nos - Curry leaves
      • 1/2 no - Green chillies (optional)
      • 2 tsp - Sugar (or add as needed)
      • Salt to taste
      • Water as needed
      • Ice cubes as needed

Gooseberry juice process

Preparation method:

  1. Wash and chop gooseberry in to small pieces, discard the seeds.
  2. Take a blender, add chopped gooseberry / nellikai, ginger piece, curry leaves, green chillies, salt and sugar, grind it to puree.
  3. Strain the juice and add required water ( i added 2 cups of water), serve with ice cubes.

Gooseberry juice


  • Green chillies are completely optional. If you prefer you can replace green chillies with pepper powder also.
  • I prepared 4 glasses of juice out of this syrup.
  • You can add more water if you feel the juice is bitter. Healthy things always tastes bitter.

Gooseberry juice


  1. I do it also but with Curry leaves and green chillies.. This sounds interesting addition should try next time

  2. I can drink this juice anytime of the day,my all time favourite.

  3. healthy and tasty, refreshing juice.

  4. Very healthy drink for diabetics and elders. lovely snaps.

  5. Very interesting version, I somehow dont like the taste but I love the combination of ingredients. Love all the clicks.

  6. Healthy drink: )

  7. so healthy and perfect looking juice..


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