7s menu series - 6 (South Indian meal)

Written by: 7aumsuvai

This menu shares a typical South Indian meal / South Indian lunch which includes plain rice, sunda vathal kuzhambu, chow chow kootu, pudalangai poriyal, rasam, curd and badusha as sweet.

South Indian menu

Here is the link for the recipes:

  1. White rice
  2. Sunda vathal kuzhambu / dried turkey berry kuzhambu
  3. Chow chow kootu / chayote kootu
  4. Pudalangai poriyal / snake gourd stir fry
  5. Rasam
  6. Curd
  7. Badusha

South Indian menu

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South Indian menu


  • You can prepare vadagam / koozh vadam, appalam along with this.

South Indian menu

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