Paal sarbath / Milk sarbath

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Paal sarbath is a very popular drink in Ramnad district, Tamilnadu. Paal sarbath / milk sarbath is prepared with nannari syrup, badam pisin /almond gum and cold milk. You may serve this with toppings like ice cream, tutti fruti, mango chunks etc.

Paal sarbath


Serves 2

      • 1 cup – Milk ( boiled and cooled)
      • 1 tsp –  Sabja seeds/ chia seeds (or use badam pisin/ almond gum )
      • 4 tbsp – Nannari syrup (or add as needed)
      • Ice cubes as needed

Paal sarbath

Preparation method:

  1. Boil milk without water and allow them to cool completely. Keep refrigerated until use.
  2. Soak Chia seeds or sabja seeds for 1 or 2 hours / over night (until well soaked) in a warm water and keep it ready. Drain the water completely and refrigerate it before use.
  3. Take a serving glass, add 1 tbsp of soaked sabja seeds and then add in a tbsp of nannari syrup. As the syrup contains the sweetness that is enough for your sarbath, do not add any extra sugar to it.
  4. Now add in the cold milk and ice cubes, give a nice stir and continue the same process with next glass. Paal sarbath is ready and serve cold.

Paal sarbath

Paal sarbath


  • If you are using badam pisin, soak it in enough water a day before and keep it ready. Since i do not have badam pisin, I used sabja seeds which is available in any Indian grocery store as Tukmaria or sabja seeds or basil seeds.
  • For making Paal sarbath you may need nannari syrup for sure. In case you could not find nannari syrup around your place, then you may replace it with rose syrup.
  • Since nannari syrup contains enough sugar, you may not need extra sugar for your Paal sarbath.

Paal sarbath

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  1. Sabja seeds sarbath looks very catchy, let me help myself with a glass, lovely post!


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