7s menu series-11 (North Indian Meal)

Written by: 7aumsuvai
This menu shares a typical South Indian meal / South Indian lunch which includes brinji rice / coconut milk pulao, sweet corn curry, onion raita and papad.

North Indian Meal

Here is the link for the recipes:
  1. Brinji rice / Coconut milk pulao
  2. Sweet corn curry
  3. Onion raita
  4. Papad
North Indian Meal

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  2. Tawa pulao
  3. Jeera pulao
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  5. Spring onion pulao
  6. Pudina pulao
  7. Paneer pulao
  8. Channa pulao
  9. Tomato pulao
North Indian Meal

  • You may prepare any curry and pulao of your choice
North Indian Meal

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