Idli podi / Idly powder

Written by: 7aumsuvai
Idli podi or Idly powder is a best condiment for hot idly and dosai. There are many brands of idly powder available in market and are prepared with various ingredients. But nothing can replace any home made idly powder. This is my mother-in-law’s recipe, whenever we go to India, we always bring with us loads of idli podi prepared by her. It always tasted yummy (no words to say), even my daughter likes it so much. My mother-in-law takes lot of efforts to prepare this powder with fresh ingredients and machine ground. Finally I got chance to try this recipe because we had finished our idli podi from our last trip. Here is the recipe for idly powder which came very flavorful with ultimate taste.

Idli podi

Yields around 1 and 3/4 cup Idli podi
      • 1 cup – Whole black gram without skin / Ulunthu / Urad dal
      • 1/4 cup – Bengal gram / Kadalai paruppu / Chana dal
      • 1/4 cup – Fresh curry leaves / Karuveppillai
      • 6 to 8 – Dry red chillies ( add as needed)
      • 3 cloves – Garlic (do not peel the skin)
      • 1/8 tsp – Asafoetida / Perungkayam
      • Salt as needed

Idli podi

Idli powder

Preparation method:
  1. Wash curry leaves thoroughly and dry it completely or pat dry them with paper towel.
  2. Heat a pan, dry roast curry leaves for 2 to 3 mins or until it turns crispy and nice aroma comes. Switch off the stove and allow them to cool.
  3. In the same pan, add little oil and fry dry red chillies for few seconds or until it puffs up and turns bright red color, set it aside.
  4. Again in the same pan, add ulunthu/urad dal and bengal gram / kadalai paruppu, roast over medium flame until it turns golden brown in color. Switch off the stove and add asafoetida, let it cool completely.
  5. Transfer roasted stuffs in a mixer grinder along with garlic (with skin) and required salt, grind it to a coarse powder. Then spread this powder on a paper and cool them for a while then store it in an airtight container. Idli podi / idly powder is ready to serve with hot idly and dosai.
Idli podi
Idli podi

  • Do not over roast curry leaves and dhal mixtures otherwise it will get burnt smell in the powder.
  • I have added raw garlic with skin while grinding the dal mixture. Do not peel the skin.
  • You can increase or decrease dry red chillies as per your spice level.
  • After roasting dal mixtures and curry leaves, immediately remove from the pan and cool them in a plate or paper. Otherwise dal and curry leaves will turn black due to over heat.
Idli podi



  1. Hi, Cute props used .. Is that(the one containing powder and oil mixed) cross-section of Teapot shape ?? Cool pics...

  2. Simple recipe, a must for any south indian breakfast. Will give it try for sure!


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