Crispy bread jamun / Bread jamun dry

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Bread jamun dry is a crispy ball prepared with bread and soaked in a simple sugar syrup. I learned this recipe from one of my friends who prepared this sweet during our Christmas party. This bread jamun will be crispy outside and slightly soft inside. I got the recipe from her and tried it immediately during new year. The outcome was really good and hope you too like this yummy sweet balls.

Bread jamun dry p


Serves 5 to 6 ( 30 plus balls)
      • 8 nos – Bread ( i used whole wheat bread)
      • 1/2 cup – Bread crumbs
      • 1/2 cup – Milk
      • 1 tbsp - Ghee
      • Oil for deep frying
For sugar syrup:
      • 1 cup – Sugar
      • 1 cup – Water
      • 2 no – Cardamom (crushed)
      • 1 pinch – Saffron (optional)
Bread jamun dry

Preparation method:

Making of bread balls:
  1. Trim the edges of the bread and dip them in milk. Squeeze off milk completely from the bread and pulse it few times in a mixie so that there are no lumps. Do not grind it completely.
  2. Transfer it to a mixing bowl and add bread crumbs (just add enough to make dough), knead it like a slightly stiff dough. Apply ghee on your hands and make small balls as shown in the picture.
  3. Spread bread crumbs in a pan and keep it ready. Heat oil in a pan, take bread balls and coat them with bread crumbs, immediately fry balls over low flame until they are golden brown in color. Remove from fire and place it to a paper towel to absorb excess oil.
Bread jamun dry
bread jamum dry

Bread jamun dry

Making of sugar syrup and jamuns:
  1. Meanwhile, make a simple syrup by adding water and sugar. Let the sugar melt completely. Now add the cardamom and saffron (optional) and simmer for 5 more minutes or until it is sticky. Switch off the stove.
  2. Add the fried balls to the lukewarm sugar syrup. Make sure they are completely immersed in the syrup. Let it sit for just 20 to 30 mins( balls should absorb sugar syrup)and drain the sugar syrup completely. Now crispy bread jamun is ready.
Bread jamun dry

Bread jamun dry

  • While frying balls, keep flame in low always, If not then the inner portion of the balls may not be cooked properly.
  • Do not boil the sugar syrup too much, otherwise the sugar syrup tends to crystallize. Once the sugar dissolves in water, allow them to cook until it is slightly sticky not too sticky.
  • Do not add fried balls immediately in hot sugar syrup. Allow them to rest for at least five minutes before putting them in the sugar syrup.
  • I used whole wheat whole grain bread so the fried balls may be less brown than the jamun made out of white bread.
  • Bread jamun should not be soaked for long time like our regular jamun. It should be taken immediately after 20 to 30 mins so that bread balls will not loose its crispness.
  • You may store this jamun in refrigerator for a week or so.
Bread jamun dry  

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