Explore Canada- Lion's Head Look Out

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Lion's Head Look Out, Ontario,Canada https://visitlionshead.ca/profile/lio... 

Address: McCurdy Drive Parkette Lion's Head, Ontario 

TIP: Bring a walking stick as parts of these trails can be challenging. Some of the trails are not recommended for young children or dogs. Bring a harness if you have a young child. There are crags, sinkholes, and no handrails. An easier hike starts right at Lion's Head Beach Park. Cross the Promenade to the marina and walk north along Bruin Lane. The Bruce Trail cuts into the woods at this point. It's only a ten-minute walk to Chetwynd Lane where you would turn around, but in between are Williams Cave and the Bannister Hill Loop Side Trail which is a pleasant 1-kilometre hike where you'll discover forest, a variety of lookouts and escarpment views. Now available for download, the Trails Map is the perfect companion piece when you're planning your trip or looking for more trails to explore! Before you make the trek, please make a parking reservation here: www.lionsheadparking.ca.

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