Our Epic Road Trip: Driving from Canada to New Jersey via Rainbow Bridge

Written by: 7aumsuvai

 Road Trip to New Jersey from Brampton, Canada:

We started our Journey around 8 in the morning by car. We can cross the border from Niagara, Canada, to the USA through bridges like Rainbow Bridge, Peace Bridge, or Queenston Lewiston Bridge. We chose Rainbow Bridge from Niagara, as we get an opportunity to see the falls from the bridge and less waiting time when compared to the other bridges (need to check the border waiting time before leaving).

Things to prepare:
When you travel from Canada to the USA on a Road Trip, you need to be ready with a passport with "6 months" validity (if you are a Canadian Citizen) or a valid US Visa, US dollars (cash and coins), Phone Service with Roaming, Cables to recharge your phone, your favourite playlist, Tank full of gas, First-Aid-Kit, water and snacks, proper GPS and a beautiful smile on your face. For Food and Drinks:
If you know your route, decide on the pit stop and rest areas for food and drinks. Distances between one rest area to the other are very long and sometimes rest areas/ services areas are under construction. Plan and make your road trip memorable. Time and Distance:
8.18 hrs trip and 751 km distance. For us, it took 10 Hrs with breaks and detours. We filled the gas two times (one before the Journey and one during the Journey).

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