Kambu brown rice dosai

Written by: 7aumsuvai
Dosai prepared with combination of kambu / pearl millet, brown rice and raw rice, which is crispy and healthy way to start your day.
Kambu brown rice dosai
Serves 4 people
      • 1 cup - Pearl millet/ Kambu/ Bajra
      • 1/2 cup - Brown rice
      • 1/2 cup - Raw rice
      • 1/4 cup - Whole black gram without skin / ulunthu
      • 1 pinch - Fenugreek seeds
      • Salt to taste
Kambu brown rice dosai process
Preparation method:
  1. Wash and soak kambu separately, raw rice and brown rice together in a bowl, split black gram and fenugreek seeds together in another bowl, for over night.
  2. In a mixer grinder, add in soaked whole black gram with fenugreek seeds and grind them to a smooth batter. Then grind brown rice and raw rice together to a smooth batter.
  3. Same way grind kambu to a smooth batter. Transfer ground batter to a big vessel, add enough salt and mix well everything. Ferment this batter for up to 6 hours or until well fermented.
  4. Heat a tawa, take a ladle full of flour and spread it like normal dosai. Drizzle some oil around the sides and cook both sides till golden brown. Serve hot with any spicy chutney.
Kambu brown rice dosai
  • If you are not using this batter immediately after fermentation, then store it in the refrigerator for later use.
  • Most important thing is do not ferment this batter for overnight. Kambu brown rice batter takes very less time to ferment than our regular idly batter. So it is better to check the batter after 3 hrs.
Kambu brown rice dosai


  1. wow crispy dosa there.perfect with chutney and sambar

  2. looks so crispy I do it with normal rice.. this is more healthier

  3. Super crispy and perfect dosa with millet... I can finish the plate in 2 minutes...

  4. Oh the pics have come out so well Shanthi,dosa looks like a nice starched napkin folded,yummy dosa tooo

  5. wow awesome recipe...a must try..thanks for sharing :)

    Anu's Healthy Kitchen

  6. oh very tempting dosa .Really healthy too .

  7. Healthy breakfast..I can have it everyday without fuss.

  8. Healthy crispy dosa


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