Vegetable pasta soup

Written by: 7aumsuvai

This is a very easy soup to make, and a great way to use up small quantities of vegetables you may have in stock. Soups play an important role in cold season. They are consumed hot and with less spices and nutritious too. Here is a healthy and lovely soup specially for kids.

Vegetable pasta soup


      • 1/2 cup – Pasta (I used rotini pasta)
      • 5 nos – Small onion /chinna vengayam (chopped finely)
      • 1/2 no – Tomato (finely chopped)
      • 1 no – Garlic chopped
      • 1/4 cup – Carrot (chopped finely)
      • 1/4 cup – Green peas
      • 1/4 cup – Corn kernels
      • 1/4 tsp – Oregano (Italian seasonings)
      • 1 tbsp – Tomato sauce
      • 1 tbsp – Corn flour
      • Salt and pepper as needed
      • 1 tbsp – Olive oil
      • Water - adjust according to the consistency you want

Vegetable pasta soup

Vegetable pasta soup

Preparation method:

  1. Cook 1/2 cup rotini pasta in enough water along with little salt until soft. Keep it aside.
  2. Heat oil in a pan, add onion and garlic saute till slightly golden brown. Add tomato and saute for few seconds.
  3. Now add all the vegetables and cook until 3/4 done. Then add oregano, tomato sauce, pepper powder, corn flour and required salt, saute until raw smell goes. Add water and bring it to boil.
  4. Then add cooked pasta and cook in medium flame for 3 or 4mins. It will start thickening so switch off the stove when its creamy and is of your desired consistency. Serve hot with toasted bread.

Vegetable pasta soup


  • In this recipe, there is no need for you to dilute corn flour in the water as we do it normally in any soup.
  • You can add any vegetable of your choice. 

Vegetable pasta soup


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